Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small Shoes

The sun made a surprise appearance on my last day of Christmas holidays, so I took full advantage and decided to walk around some of my favourite places. I paid a visit to "Dressew", one of the best haberdasheries in existence (probably). I always get a little thrill stepping through the door into a world where people are excitedly tracking down their next project. I like creating things with my hands and it's nice to be in a place with so many like-minded people. 

I love how they colour block the thousands of zips they have.. I then took myself to Value Village and bought a lovely skirt (well it WILL be lovely after a round on the sewing machine), and for a leisurely stroll home. As leisurely as a 30 minute walk can be while wearing shoes 1 size too small for you.

If only all days were like this.. well, apart from the misfortunate choice of bunion-inducers.


  1. If only all days didn't include my lac in them!!!! The feckin cheek of ya!

    Black out..... black spot out.....

  2. Well your inclusion is a given, is it not?? You WERE there at the start ya know!

  3. this place makes hickey's look a little lame!
    i just saw the other comment you left, i'm a deciding factor!!!yipeeee, i'm grining from ear to ear:)