Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Herbs or "Urbs"

I being from Ireland say "Herbs".. being very inclusionary, (not a word, but I'll continue nonetheless), of the H sound. Canadians are quite exclusionary of the H however, making it sound like "Urbs". Poor H..
Aaanywaaay, the herbs in my local supermarket are extremely plentiful. They have a gigantic section stocking them, all packed in their individual transparent plastic bags. The smell is yummy walking by them, but I have no idea what most of them are.

They have odd names like "ScullCap" and "Horehound" and "Horsetail", which sound like items that wouldn't be unlike those in a witch's cauldron.. If anyone knows what they taste like, answers on a postcard please!

On a side-note, I used the word "Antipodean" in a sentence today.. it felt good! 


  1. take a pic of the coffee selection for me!!!!

  2. to be honest with you Deirdre it's no great shakes. but if I see a good one elsewhere I definitely will!