Monday, January 4, 2010

I Love Neon

I don't know if the fascination has always been there and has just recently come to the fore or what, but I really love neon. There is certainly far more of it here than in Ireland, it's an element of every second business. Whether it be just a splash as an inconspicuous "Open" sign, or if it is the trademark of the building - it's pretty ubiquitous here.

Most of the really good stuff is in the Downtown Eastside. I feel a bit uncomfortable taking pictures down there, as people might misconstrue my intentions as those of one trying to exploit rather than simply celebrate. For those of you in Ireland, the downtown eastside is what some would call "skid row". It is home to a lot of the street folk of Vancouver. 

My favourite neon artwork is over the Ovaltine Cafe, The Save-On Meats (The bottom pig's face is a bit broken now), and the BEST one at The Only Seafood Restaurant. Only Seafood is now closed sadly so the sign is forever dark.. I might go get a picture in the daylight sometime.

All that neon is bent by a person. I know this because when we arrived here, Oscar was contemplating replying to a job posting for a neon-bender... which has given rise to the saying (On observing a neon sign) "Somebody had to bend that you know".. we both do, but it's still funny


  1. Not sure how I feel about my latent desire to become a neon bender being made public. Shur feck it as least I still have my dignity.