Sunday, January 3, 2010

Piste - Off

Today Oscar and I decided to throw ourselves down a sparsely snow-dusted mountain on a length of plastic strapped to our feet. We've done this before, and while snowboarding can eventually get to be fun I need to follow a strict routine to get through the experience:

1. Get up on the board (after taking AGES to do so)
2. Promptly fall over
3. Get up 
4. Fall over
5. Want to go home, but am stuck halfway down a mountain
6. Get up
7. Don't fall
8. Go for a while and feel better about things
9. Promise to go again tomorrow
10.Encounter the chairlift (whole other story)

I adhere to this routine every year and find it works for me.. at least I got to get a picture while up there.

Not too shabby the views around this place. The one thing I've started to realise about the point-and-shoot is that while it's small and easy to carry around, I miss my SLR. I tried to take this picture again on the way home when it was much darker.. it just wouldn't work. I couldn't play with the shutter speed and aperture like I usually do.

Oh well, at least it's a nice snazzy blue colour.


  1. the one time i went snowboarding I followed all your steps except steps 7,8 and 9, still fun though! i love that you've a blog. I can't wait to see what the year brings:)

  2. we could snowboard ourselves this week here....we were walking over the road the other day and carthach and his friend daniel were skating along the road and molly roared at them -from the safety of her buggy- ye'll fall and split yere heads like cillian devitt and mam will have to bring to shannondoctor to get it glued.... if i had blog now i could refer to the blog referring to the time cillian devitt jumped off the bed cos molly told him to and split his head and so on .....

  3. Deirdre, that young wan is cracked! I hope she's running the country some day. Amos I'm so proud that you haven't bowed to the pressure of facebook, you were also a deciding factor in me starting this!