Saturday, January 2, 2010

Memory Cards and Sacrifices

So yesterday when I made my economically-minded purchase in Best Buy, I had mentally prepared myself for the up-selling barrage which would greet me at the checkout. "Don't fall for it Jacqui", I told myself. "No matter how cheap the crocodile skin carrying case will be, you don't need it". I cut the girl off before the words had time to slip out of her mouth, and off I went safe in the knowledge I had spent what I needed to and not a penny more.

I'm thick.. I didn't buy a memory card for the stupid thing. I realised pretty quickly that the internal memory would hold a paltry amount.. three pictures in fact. THREE. So taking today's picture was a bit of a challenge. I went to Trout Lake and brutally erased one image after another.

I bought a 4gb memory card on the way home

Trout Lake is one of my favourite places in Vancouver. It has lots of shade on hot summer days, and is one of the few places to tempt me out of the house in the rain. The crows also fascinate me. They fly around Vancouver all day, but then at dusk they all head to Deer Lake Park in Burnaby (South of Trout Lake). The stream of crows can be watched for about 30 minutes on a good night... apparently (this may, in fact, be made up)

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