Monday, April 12, 2010

Thrift Store Sales

I love sifting through second-hand stores. A trait I have in my blood, handed down to me. I get a great thrill picking up clothes/pictures/trinkets for next to nothing. Today I found a rather nice denim jacket for $5. When I went to pay, I was informed by the lady at the counter that it was, i fact, half price. Walking away with a jacket for $2.50 gives me a warm feeling in my heart...

Today's picture is another one taken on my phone. It's a painting of a smoke stack on the wall of Little Mountain Gallery. The window is real. I was thoughtless, and left my camera at home when heading out this morning. I am liking the old camera on the phone though.. good to get me out of a tight spot.


  1. This'd look great as a fake polaroid!

  2. I think it turned out rather well...

  3. You should take a Pho'laroid as well (A picture of some Vietnamese noodle soup)