Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kawaii 5-0

Today I spent some time at a rather large Japanese Dollar store. I ended up with a basket on my arm tossing things in left and right. I caught myself doing this and had to have a stern word.. Do you really NEED a towel in the shape of a dog? While I answered this with a negative, I still ended up walking away with 10 small packets of tissues (with cute Japanese cartoons on), a pack of cactus-shaped gel window stickers, and a sugar pot in the form of a chicken with a shell on it's head.

So as you can see I JUST stuck with the essentials.


  1. That's a crackin photo... but did you find that umbrella there or was it staged? Not that I doubt your integrity as a photojournalist or anything...
    Kawaii shops haven't filtered there way over here, was exposed to quite a few of them in San Fran that time though. I bought a Cardboard accordion

  2. I hink you should go back straight away and the the towel that's shaped like a dog. did you steer me away from that amazing world of wonder on purpose when I visited???

  3. Does the cardboard accordion actually play musical notes?? Was in the auld Value Village meself today....

  4. A cardboard accordian.. a cardboardian! Please make a video of it being played and put it on youtube. Nope, not a staged photo. I WISH I had an umbrella like that - I would've treated it a whole lot better I tell ya.
    Amos, I only just learned of it's existence. But the whole time I was in there I was like "Ann-Marie would LOVE this place". Come back and I shall escort you, then we can go upstairs to 'Beard Papa's'and get a cream puff!