Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Impulse Buying

Every time I have an impending journey, I start mentally packing way before the physical packing commences. I always try to pack light and unless I'm moving to another country, I always just bring carry-on luggage. Packing is an art form, anybody who says any different is lying or is a terrible packer. I pride myself on my space saving qualities. Rolling clothes to within an inch of their inanimate lives, bringing lots of mix an match separates, and wearing 1 pair of shoes and packing only 1 other pair. 

When it comes to toiletries I must be diligently up-to-date on airline rules and regulations. 100ml/88ml, whatever.. there must be NO wasting time at security.

On the search for the exact measurement toiletries today, I went for a quick peek at the Stanley Park Totem Poles. There are lots, but this one is my favourite. It's the only one there which is unpainted. Back in the day, every First Nations home would have featured one of these, either standing guard outside the front door or indoors. The mark the heritage of the family, and are very pretty (if somewhat imposing) to look at.

On with the packing...

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