Friday, February 12, 2010

Beautiful Parasite

Trees.. well they're great aren't they. Aside from providing the necessary gas tools for human respiration, they also make a nice natural umbrella to guard against rain and sun and the likes. Oscar loves them a lot too, and dreams about using them for creative purposes possible every hour of the day.... as I'm typing this I'm being shown a sketch of a knife block, on the "to be a made" list.

I just learned the other day that Orchids, (one of my favourite flowers), are in fact beautiful parasites. They have no real roots of their own, but instead feed off another living plant. I like when there are new signs of life sprouting from old, chopped down trees. It's doesn't seem parasitic though. More like the big tree is giving the little one a big pair of hand-me-down shoes to fill.

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