Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy Heart

Just been to see it.. good movie that one. I love Jeff Bridges and I must say, he has quite the voice and gee-tar prowess. I was impressed. Must download the soundtrack, some good old choons throughout. So, Canada won the hockey gold at the Olympics today.. I wish I liked hockey. Everybody who does seemed to be having the time of their lives today.

This is the view from our bathroom window. The window is quite small and I had to haul myself up onto the windowsill to take it but it didn't turn out too bad. Unfortunately I hadn't been forward-thinking enough to bring the camera for the drive to the cinema. I would have caught a stunning harvest moon if I had.. oh well

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  1. went to see crazy heart last night too!!!! agree with soundtrack being excellent , jeff bridges and colin farrell both surprisingly authentic