Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aaaaaand I'm back

So.. LA.. a funny old town. It's so incredibly humongous, and we had a car to get around. I will summarize in words :

- It rained (torrential) 
- GPS (broke on the freeway IN to LA)
- Minor emotional breakdown (mine)
- Found hotel
- Realized there is NO free parking whatsoever in LA
- Was starving
- Ate crappy pizza
- Went back to car rental place near LAX to get new GPS whilst knackered.
- Another emotional breakdown
- Slept
- Woke up, met with Eimhin
- Went to awards (the award was unjustly given to "Robot Chicken")
- Laughed (hard at William Shattner)
- Slept
- Walked around Santa Monica in sunshine
-Saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in Old Navy (Man of the people.. surrounded by minders)
- Sat on the sand
- Ate
- Slept
- Hung out with Eimhin
- It Rained
- Came home

- The End

  And now, LA in pictures:

So that be it.. or a bit of it anyway! I finally got to use the Panoramic option on the camera. Very snazzy. The beach photo was my first attempt, and is not very well aligned. In my defense, I couldn't really see the viewfinder as the sun was really making things difficult.. that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


  1. That's not how I remember it.... I don't remember ANY emotional breakdowns...

  2. ah niall , the ideal boyfriend- forgets the bad times- love the runners with the tux ! i wonder did my son bring an extra program home to his mammy...... i owe ye both big time for supporting our man at the awards and during his stay in la.....i've started buying easter eggs already as partial token of gratitude

  3. I'm glad your back, I missed by daily intake:)

  4. Great batch here Jacqsters! I'm pretty sure that isn't me beside Oscar in the suit though, the face is conveniently obscured.

  5. Well Eimhin it was the only one where the two of ye stood still!!! Little feckers..

    Deirdre I wanted your address to send you one of our programmes..