Monday, March 8, 2010


I went out to Kitty Nights ("Breaking the Law show") last night. I came home to check on the animals in work before bed, and I inadvertantly locked my camera up for the night. It was a very enjoyable show though! This picture is of Watermelon. She owns a movie theatre (one of my favourites in Vancouver) - the Rio Theatre on Broadway. She did some stand-up in the flavour of "prison comedy". She was really rather hilarious, and VERY animated.

In recompense, there will be another picture later.. maybe after the Alice in Wonderland matinee we go to today!

The movie was great, the costumes and make-up were visually stunning. I seriously recommend. 
This painting was created by T. I thought it interesting that the sun decided to sign it for her.. just for a short while.

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