Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I've just finished work and am about to go and be fed by some very good people. Then I will be going to the Narrow Bar on Main for a few drinkies to round off this lovely birthday... but first, This:

I've been harping on at Oscar for about 2-3 years now to make me a milking stool.. "why?", you may ask, "Jacqui, you have no cows", you may state. 

Correct.. I have 0 cows. But I really WANTED a milking stool and that's all that matters! But for this birthday the lovely boy made me one. Isn't she a beaut!  


  1. a beaut like the one that 'll sit on it....

  2. What's that wood? There must be a fierce amount of woodstain on it, no?

  3. Ahhhh thanks Deirdre.

    Eimhin it's called Chanull (I think - native to Colombia). It's a crazy colour naturally. The stool just has a little bit of oil on it which darkened it a bit...