Saturday, May 22, 2010

Minty Fresh HeadButts

I did a dental on our cat LeeRoy Brown today. He came from a place where he was fed, but little else. So I decided he needed a dental at 8 years of age (or however old he is). He likes to give head-butts sometimes. But tonight he's still off his head on drugs, so he's all lovey-dovey and giving copious amounts of minty fresh head-butts. Nice.

This is a grizzly we saw at the zoo.. before we leave Canada I want to see in the wild:

1. A bear
2. A moose
3. A pack of wolves (preferably playing on a mountain)
4. A Polar Bear

Northern Exposure gave me the idea that mooses (meese?) would be just wandering around the streets... it was a lie.